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2. How to create a new ticket?
Last Updated 3 years ago

To create a new ticket, you must follow the steps below;

STEP 1. Access the website of the IBV support system Then, register your username.

If you are not registered in the system, please register by following the instructions indicated in this link.

Access the ticket generation form by clicking on any of the buttons shown in the image.


STEP 2. Fill in the ticket form with your query, suggestion or incident.

A form with several fields will be shown on the screen that you must fill in.

HELP TOPIC. Select here the product or application on which you want to make your inquiry.

You can select from:

  • FallSKIP
  • ShapeSCAN/IBV
  • Aplic. Valoracion Funcional
  • DOMEscan/IBV
  • Avatar3D/Feet
  • MOVE4D. Escaner Corporal
  • Ergo/IBV
  • Otros



There is a first field for you to briefly describes the reason for your inquiry.


At the bottom there is a field to expose the query in detail. Please describes as well as possible and in detail the problem you are experiencing. It is allowed to insert files (images, reports).

If you initiate the ticket from a mobile or tablet, you can use the camera to attach a photograph taken at the time.


Finally, press the button CREATE TICKET.

Next, a screen will be shown with the assigned ticket number and a summary of the generated ticket.


From this moment on, an IBV technician will receive your query and will get to work on solving it.

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