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04 - What must be taken into account when recording the video?
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In order to optimize the performance of ergoIA, before recording the video, the following considerations must be taken into account:

  • Observe the workplace before taking video shots.
  • Select the tasks to record.
  • Analyze the space available to place the camera.
  • Plan the recordings to be made.

The videos used should meet the following characteristics:

> Framing: the full body of the worker should be seen in the center of the image. If possible, a frontal or side shot will be taken and most of the face is visible.

> Arms and legs should look their best, so it is recommended to avoid work clothes such as gowns, aprons, etc.

> Zoom: the worker should occupy most of the image.

> Single worker: Multiple workers should not appear in the video.

> Avoid vibrations: whenever possible a tripod should be used to avoid unwanted movements in the video.

> Focus: the focus of the camera must be monitored to ensure the correct sharpness of the image.

> Contrast: to facilitate the automatic recognition of the worker, the video must be taken looking for the highest color contrast between the worker and the background of the scene.

> Avoid concealment: as far as possible the total or partial concealment of the worker will be avoided.

> Ideally the video should include a complete task or sequence.

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