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07 - Where are the videos stored and how secure are they?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The entire ergoIA infrastructure is hosted on the servers of one of the most important cloud computing companies in the world. It is designed in such a way that the videos are not accessible from the Internet, and can only be processed locally within our infrastructure or viewed through the web application with the client's credentials.

The contracted storage offers the following characteristics in terms of data protection:

  • It offers a durability of 99.999999999% and an availability of objects of 99.99%.
  • Objects are redundantly stored on multiple devices spread across multiple facilities and it is designed to withstand simultaneous data loss in two locations.
  • There is version control that can be used to preserve, retrieve, and restore all versions of objects so that you can easily recover from unwanted user actions and application errors.
  • Allows you to encrypt the data.
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