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How is the Ergo/IBV application installed?
Last Updated 3 months ago

Ergo/IBV v23.1 is designed to be installed and run on a Windows operating system in any of its workstation editions (Home, Professional, Enterprise, etc.). It is also possible to install the application in Windows Server and run it remotely by using Terminal Services.

In order to install the Ergo/IBV application, you must log in as a local administrator or user with the same privileges. Otherwise, the application will not install correctly.

In order to install the software, you must run the setup.exe file and the program will guide you through the whole installation so that you just have to follow the instructions.

Ergo / IBV v23.1 has an on-line license. The license installation starts when Ergo/IBV is installed, and it is completed with a license activation. If the license is not activated, the installation process will not be complete, and you will have a demo license instead of your commercial license.

When you run the application for the first time, you will be warned that no license has been detected. It will start by default in the DEMO mode and you will be asked if you want to activate a commercial license.

When you answer that you want to activate the license, the activation screen will appear to enter the activation code that was provided together with the product.

IMPORTANT: In case of any technical issue during the installation process, or once the application is installed, request Technical Support through the Ergo IBV Customer Area

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