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M30 - Single and Multiple MMH + Variable MMH – Can an age-specific risk index be considered in this type of tasks?
Last Updated a year ago

The normal working day is a maximum of 8 hours. However, it is possible to select situations where manual handling of loads is carried out in working days of more than 8 hours. This option can be applied with the factor "Extended time" which allows the following values to be selected:

  • Not applicable (8 hours)
  • Between 8-9 hours
  • Between 9-10 hours
  • Between 10-11 hours
  • Between 11-12 hours

This factor shall only apply when the duration of the task is "Long".

Likewise, for frequencies of less than 0.2 lifts/minute, the extended time multiplier shall not apply, adopting the value of 1, even if duration values of more than 8 hours are selected.

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