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5- I cannot see the scan results
Last Updated 3 years ago

I have made a correct measurement and i have visualized th 3D of the foot bu i cannot see the results of the measurement (3D and anthropometric parameters).

This can only be given to clients who have a version of the DOMEscan/IBV software that allows measurements WITHOUT an internet connection (to be extinguished). In these versions, measurements were allowed without having an internet connection, but until the data was uploaded to the server, it was not possible to view results in the application.

In this case, it is necessary to establish an internet connection and, when trying to open a record, the data will be uploaded and the results can be viewed.

If the registry does not open, but the DOMEscan/IBV application is started, it will try to upload them if it has an internet connection, as they will be marked as pending upload.

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