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M09 - ErgoCheck - When is it convenient to use the ErgoCheck checklist?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The checklists can be used to check, in a rapid and qualitative manner, the existence of potential ergonomic and psychosocial problems in the workplace. In the case of ErgoCheck, this application can be carried out, for example, to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Obtain a map of potential ergonomic problems (of a company, section, workplaces...) to allow comparisons, guide towards detailed evaluations and/or obtain initial recommendations for the improvement of existing working conditions.

  • Carry out an initial risk identification (basic level assessment) prior to the advanced evaluation (in case of detecting risk factors with the initial identification, proceed with the advanced level). The use of ErgoCheck allows direct access to the advanced level modules based on the risk factors detected.

  • Conduct a full evaluation of a job or task. To do this, the initial evaluation must be carried out with ErgoCheck and, based on the recommendations offered, make the detailed evaluations with the corresponding modules. Ergo/IBV will group all these evaluations (initial and detailed) in the same case study.

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