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M34 - Module of Anthropometric design of the workstation – Can I obtain design recommendations without measuring the worker?
Last Updated a year ago

Yes, you can. The result of the module is a report that includes general design recommendations of the workstation and, optionally, recommendations adapted to the worker.

The tables with the dimensional design recommendations are divided into columns that can include: "Minimum adjustment", "Maximum adjustment", "Not adjustable" and "Custom adjustment".

The first three cases are dimensional guidelines based on standard data, general recommendations for the working population and, therefore, they are shown completed although the worker has not been measured. In addition, if the worker has been measured, dimensional recommendations based on those dimensional body measurements will be included in the "Custom adjustment" column.

The recommendations depend on the data entered in the characterization of the workstation and the tasks. These data allow us to establish the main physical requirements of the workstation (main working posture, visual and precision requirements, force and handling demands, possibility to change the working height).

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