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M44 - Postures [REBA] – What is the difference between the scope of application of this module and that of the Postures [OWAS] module?
Last Updated a year ago

Both modules are used to assess tasks involving awkward postures.

The Postures [OWAS] module analyzes more postures, but with fewer details than the Postures [REBA] module:

  • Postures [OWAS] analyzes the risk of a random sampling of working postures, whereas Postures [REBA] analyzes the most frequent and/or arduous postures.

  • InPostures [OWAS], each posture analyzed considers the position of the back, arms and legs, and the force exerted. Postures [REBA], analyzes for each posture the position of the trunk, neck, legs, arms, forearms and wrists, force, grip type and muscle activity.

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